THEME: Film, being designated as the 7th Art, translates into the technique and ability to record and reproduce images with sense of movement, the works created called Movies, are produced by recording images of the world around us, with cameras, or using animation techniques and visual effects. Mail Art has no official number that designates it, but are many who adopted it in the past and present, as a manifestation of artistic expression, like in cinema, images, concepts, or other expressions, whether visual, tactile, sound or that explore other senses are developed and shared for a specific audience.
Both Mail Art and Film share a certain longevity, being different in form but not in essence, since both are means of communication and creativity that man has at his disposal. It is this tenuous link that is purported to be explored in this Mail Art Call.

sexta-feira, 30 de março de 2012

29# KEITH A BUCHHOLZ (USA: St. Louis-Missouri)

" ... "; Collage on paper; 10x15cm; 2012 (front with "Fluxus"rubber stamp)

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